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Wendy Sweet PhD – Founder
of My Menopause

In this episode of Pause for Thought, your host Kate Billing talks with Wendy Sweet PhD, women’s healthy ageing researcher, menopause coach, and Founder of My Menopause Transformation.

Always at the leading edge, Wendy was the Founder & Developer of the Les Mills Personal Training Programme in the early 1990s. She later obtained a PhD focused on the healthy ageing of midlife women, is a member of the Australasian Lifestyle Medicine Society, and now runs a global business from her home in Wanaka using her revolutionary lifestyle programmes, specifically designed to activate women’s menopause transition as a time of health transformation.

In this conversation, Wendy and Kate (Executive Development Director at Blacksmith and Founder of the Menopause Awareness & Action Community) talk about:

  • The socio-cultural considerations of menopause and its medicalisation
  • Why the way we’re working out isn’t working
  • Inflammaging – what it is and why it matters; and
  • Understanding the powerful impact of simple lifestyle changes

PLUS we answer a range of questions from our audience.


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Be safe and well.

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