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Tune In

Unlocking the power of self-talk

A 2-day personal leadership workshop

Why Tune In is important

The relationship we have with ourselves is the single longest partnership we have with anyone in our lives and yet we invest little to no time, energy and attention in ensuring it is a healthy one. When it comes to the challenges, obstacles and opportunities we all face as part of a 24/7, “always on”, high-change environment of life and business, self-talk can be our biggest enemy or our most powerful ally.

As a woman, this is especially relevant as study after study shows that we may lack self-confidence, self-esteem and self-belief at various stages throughout our working lives.

Women regularly experience self-doubt and an internal struggle with identity creating role-conflicts and stereotype threats that hold us back from taking opportunities or limit our potential when we do.

Add to this our gendered life experiences (including pregnancy, infertility, returning from parental leave, and peri/menopause) and the insidious impact of gendered ageism (as we reach our 40’s, 50’s and beyond) and you have a complex mix of catalysts for negative self-talk to impact our quality of life, career success, and wellbeing.

Is Tune In for you?

If you want to grow your capacity for life and leadership, you’ll benefit from developing your ability to connect more deeply with yourself; build your confidence and self-esteem; own your full potential; and embrace vulnerability and discomfort to stretch into new opportunities or make the most of the ones you have in your hands right now.

Tune In is for women of all ages and stages of leadership, from emerging leadership talent to the most senior and experienced of leaders. Growing this capability and capacity is a lifelong mission and it’s never too early or too late to start!

Regardless of the amount of life and leadership experience you have, these will be things you feel it’s time to:

  • Quieten self-doubt and negative self-talk
  • Change the conversation with your Inner Critic
  • Dial up your self-confidence and sense of personal power
  • Access your Inner Coach and deal with ‘Imposter Syndrome’; and
  • Better support your mental and emotional wellbeing.

The Tune In workshop

Tune In is made up of a two-day in-person workshop PLUS a follow up on-line 90 minute group coaching session where we:

  • Explore the ‘thought machine’ that is your mind and the neuroscience that drives it
  • Shine a light on patterns of negative self-talk and see that you’re not alone in this thinking
  • Understand the impact all this has on you and the people who matter most, at work and at home
  • Learn to play ‘The Comparison Game’ in a conscious and deliberate way for growth
  • Access tried and tested mental models, tools, and practices to help you change the conversation you have with yourself; and
  • Commit to ‘choose to use the tools’ and ‘do the work’ based on a deeply personal vision of what will be possible when you unlock the power of your self-talk.
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Upcoming public workshops


Join the waitlist to get updated on new dates as they are released.

Looking for an in-house option for Tune In? If you have 8-14 women we can run this as an in-house workshop specific to your women, in your culture and leadership context. Please check out the Tune In (in-house) information HERE and download a brochure

What others say about Tune In

black and white portrait of Kerry Cornelious

it was a game changer for me

“I can’t recommend Tune In enough. Inspiring, empowering and, at times, deeply challenging, it was a game changer for me. Kate expertly introduced simple, practical tools to help us understand the stories we tell ourselves. Her curiosity and gift of asking exactly the right questions, created a safe environment in which to identify and tame my inner critic.”

Kerry Cornelious
Group Head of People & Culture

black and white portrait of Claire Stuart

Tune In is an incredible and valuable experience

“Tune In is an incredible and valuable experience. Kate has a facilitation style that grabs you, keeps you engaged, and completely immersed. She created a safe space for our group to share, learn and grow together. We all took away practical tools that will make a positive difference in our everyday lives.”

Claire Stuart
Gender at Work Manager

black and white portrait of Jacqui Simpson

Tune In needs to be on your development plan

“Kate is one of those rare people who can create and keep the space for others, enabling people to speak with their authentic voice, learn, stretch outside comfort zones and be vulnerable. For anyone needing to become more aware of the impact of their thoughts on their behaviour, Tune In needs to be on their development plan.”

Jacqui Simpson
Chief of Staff