Kate Billing

About Midlife Leadership


Midlife is a unique time of transition for women. We find ourselves in an all-encompassing experience that demands we see ourselves in new and different ways as we navigate transitions in multiple domains of our lives and leadership:

  • Biology – we undergo a radical hormonal, metabolic and physical transition as we move through perimenopause on to menopause and beyond. The many and varied changes that are wrought on our bodies and brains arrive with little warning, information or support.
  • Psychology – we are challenged to renegotiate our relationship with our changing bodies, our sense of identity, and our beliefs about ourselves, about being a woman, and about how we fit into the world.
  • Community – we experience changes in many of the critical relationships in our lives including with our parents, children, partner, and friends as both their and our needs change. At the same time, more of us than ever before are in leadership roles in business and community with all the demands on time, energy and attention those bring.
  • Society – we are confronted by ageism earlier and more suddenly than we expect, often in ways that leave us feeling invisible, unvalued, and angry. Society’s traditional life and career ‘map of midlife’ is made up of expectations and stereotypes don’t fit the women we are and the world as it is.
  • Spiritual – because of ALL of this, we may experience existential struggle, intrapersonal conflict, grief and a loss of meaning and purpose.


Any way you slice it, midlife is a time of unexpected and unwelcome change and challenge.

With 40-50+ years of life under our belts, we have accumulated vast experience, honed our skills, and navigated numerous professional and personal challenges and milestones. Yet, at a time when we should be at the height of our powers, we run headlong into obstacles specific to this life stage that can knock us off course, hinder our progress, and undermine our confidence.

From the subtle biases and stereotypes that persist in our own minds and our workplaces, to the societal expectations that shape our roles as women, parents and caregivers. From balancing responsibilities and priorities across multiple (often conflicting) domains, to juggling career aspirations with our partners or doing it all alone. From dealing with the stigma of peri/menopause and the bias of gendered ageism, to redefining our identities: we find ourselves in a space between who we were and who we will become.

I’ve personally found it helpful to think of our midlife transition using the classic literary lens of a heroine’s journey.

The hero’s journey is the classic quest of myth and legend. Our hero leaves the stability and security of the known and familiar to head off into the unknown in search of adventure. He undergoes trials and challenges that develop physical mastery and secure powerful artefacts that will help him resolve a conflict or solve a problem when he returns home, the conquering hero.

The heroine’s journey is different. Our heroine’s adventure is about mastery of her mind, resolving internal struggle, and evolving her identity. She may set out from the same known world as the hero but she leaves with a different mission. Although she will also face physical trials, our heroine’s journey is one of identity, internal connection, and bridging the liminal space between who she is and who she must become. She returns home with the inner strength and wisdom to heal her community and be at peace with herself.


As heroines of our own midlife storylines, we have this same leadership opportunity. We can choose to leave the maps of ‘the known and certain’ behind and strike out on our own paths. The trials provided by the multiple elements of our midlife transition make for a challenging adventure through which we may grow and evolve, becoming women and leaders of power, creativity, wisdom, and grace.

Many of the challenges of midlife are thrust upon us but amidst this chaos, there are opportunities for us to become who we need to be for the next phase of our lives and leadership: our Second Life.

Instead of midlife crisis, I see this time as a midlife awakening with SIX key opportunities:

  • Rediscover Yourself
  • Reprioritise Your Wellbeing
  • Reimagine Your Future
  • Renew Your Leadership
  • Redesign Your Life
  • Revitalise Your Community


The Midlife Power Path

When we’re down in the depths of the Midlife Turning Point it’s normal for us to be exhausted in our bodies, chaotic in our minds, and feeling powerless as we find ourselves victims of outdated stereotypes, prioritising the needs of others over our own, and juggling the responsibilities of our many and varied roles in life and leadership.

The good news is it doesn’t have to stay that way!

With the right development and support we can find a pathway up and out of the turning point. Although we are each walking our own paths, as women in midlife and beyond we share a common journey. Together we can find our way to more creative states of mind, renewable levels of energy and wellbeing, and to becoming a deeper and more grounded power source for ourselves and others.

What others say about working with Kate

black and white portrait of Nicola Bruning

Every single person left our group taller & more confident

“Kate led our group with presence, humanity, guidance, and knowledge. She enabled people to do the hard graft of ‘inner’ development. Every single person left our group taller, more confident, with a higher sense of self-awareness, and completely different to when they started the journey, six months prior.”

Nicola Bruning
People Operations Lead

black and white portrait of Maree McKenzie

My growth has surprised me

“My growth has surprised me, challenged me, reassured me, and given me confidence that what I bring to my home team, my work team, and to my community embraces all my parts. My priorities have been tested and changed, I am more deliberate in my actions, and I have a deeper connection to my physiological self, my energy, and my presence.”

Maree McKenzie
Manager Resolution Services

black and white portrait of Marie Cooper

I will forever be grateful to Kate for helping me to be a better leader

“The journey Kate took us on led to deep changes that were quite incredible and have allowed us to be better leaders whether it be at work, home or in the community. Kate connects with each person, providing a space that is safe, vulnerable and in a way magical. I will forever be grateful to Kate for helping me to be a better leader and a better me.”

Marie Cooper