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The Pathmaker

From map follower to pathmaker

Moving from Map Follower to Pathmaker: that’s the invitation waiting for us in midlife.

For the first half of our lives, we have dutifully followed the map of life set out for us by parents, friends, employers and society. Through school, university, and into our career paths; in our roles as friends, family members, and leaders; and even on to the acquisition of the ‘stuff and things’ we’re told make a good and successful life: we follow the map, play by the rules, and be a ‘good girl’.

Now holding the ‘map of midlife’, we find ourselves at a crossroads. The map in our hands is drawn using outdated stereotypes, gendered ageism constraints, limiting role expectations, and wholly insufficient knowledge of women’s health. It doesn’t lead us toward safety and security but instead into a landscape of diminished confidence, decreased visibility, reduced influence, fragile financial security, and poor health.

That’s not a place I’m interested in going and I hope you feel the same! But we have another choice. To go off-road and make our own path.

Why create a midlife leadership community?

Leadership can be a lonely job and at this time in life we may feel even more isolated. We may find our worlds have become smaller and more constrained. We have less time to invest in the people that matter most, and we’re also neglecting ourselves. The communities and connections that have served us in the past may not be the people and relationships that best support us through this transition of life and leadership. It’s time to find a new tribe.

Experiencing the belonging, authenticity, safety, and acceptance of being part of a community made up exclusively of midlife female leaders is something truly powerful. At a time when it seems we’re expected to quietly toddle off out of the workforce and fade into the background of life, it’s EVEN MORE important that we band together, support each other, and make our presence seen, heard and felt.

Recent research by NEXEL (a global collaborative of 25+ leading tertiary education providers) found two primary developmental needs for leaders in midlife:

  1. The opportunity to recharge and reinvigorate for the second half of an increasingly long life and leadership journey; and
  2. Acquiring the skills, knowledge and networks to transform into (1) who you want to become and (2) what you want to take on next.                                  

The Pathmaker Community is designed to satisfy both of those midlife leadership needs AND MORE!

To ensure you get notified as soon as the details of the Foundation Membership offer go live, please sign up to join the waitlist.

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The Pathmaker Community

Led by Kate Billing, the Pathmaker Community offers an engaged, supportive and ‘Ad Free’ on-line community platform with an ever evolving ‘learn from anywhere’ curriculum. Members also have the opportunity to gather in-the-real at regional learning events and our annual Pathmaker Summit, a unique and immersive member-only midlife leadership conference you’ll never want to miss.

Benefits of Pathmaker Community membership include:

  • A Supportive Network: Life happens and when it does our Community has your back. Having a tribe of fellow women leaders who get the midlife leadership experience is something really special. Together we create an environment for sharing insights, navigating challenges, and fostering growth. Think of it as having your own personal midlife advisory board offering support, challenge, and friendship.
  • Personal & Professional Growth: In our Community, you’re always evolving. Through a constant flow of focused content, shared midlife wisdom, and leadership development experiences, being part of this Community offers you the opportunity to find your ‘growth zone’ and continuously improve yourself in all areas of your life and leadership. 
  • Empowerment & Advocacy: Together, we’re stronger. By joining forces with other midlife female leaders, you become part of a movement for gender/age equity and inclusion in our workplaces and society. We lift each other up, break down barriers, and champion change within our organisations and beyond.
  • Collective Wisdom: No one person knows it all but together we can find the answers. In this Community you have access to a wealth of knowledge, lived experience, and hard-won wisdom from women who have been there, done that, and have the battle scars to prove it. Whether it’s dealing with ‘The Boys Club’ or balancing the complexities of work and family life, there’s always someone who can offer experience and perspective.
  • Collaborative Opportunities: Our Community isn’t just about growing a network, it’s also about fostering teamwork. By developing authentic, connected relationships and a collaborative spirit, members may discover opportunities to work together, leveraging their diverse skills and expertise, amplifying their collective impact, and creating truly transformational initiatives.


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”  Helen Keller


We’ll be releasing the next level of detail about what’s on offer as a member of the Pathmaker Community when we launch our Foundation Membership in the next few months.

This will be the ONE opportunity to join the Pathmaker Community this year.

The Foundation intake will have a strictly limited number of memberships available so that we can build a strong community base of safety, connection, belonging and growth before opening up for new members in 2025.

Don’t go where the map may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail for others to follow.”  

Muriel Strode, American Poet, 1875-1964



What others say about working with Kate

Linda Hanson

Empowered, valued and authentically heard

“Kate made me feel important, listened to, heard, valued and comfortable in what were at times uncomfortable and vulnerable moments. I am so grateful for her time and energy and openness.”

Linda Hanson
Analytics & Reporting Manager

Edith Sykes

Transformative Leadership Journey

“An indescribable journey of self discovery that has impacted my personal leadership beyond compare. Nothing more to say except it has been what I have needed for over 10 years and it has rocked my leadership world. If you get the opportunity, be brave and immerse yourself.”

Edith Sykes
Chief People Officer

Abi Cameron

Unparalleled passion and insight

“Anyone that has attended workshops facilitated by Kate will know how amazing she is – her openness, genuine interest in understanding what makes people tick and her phenomenal knowledge and passion for her craft put her in a league of her own.”

Abi Cameron
Head of Performance & Insight