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Webinar Playback: How can you live, lead and work better?

I had the great pleasure of finishing 2022 with a podcast conversation at the invitation of one of the fabulous humans in my life, Andrew Deering.

Andrew is the Founder of The Deering Group, an Australian consulting firm that helps organisations better understand what their people do and how they can help them improve their work and their roles. As part of Andrew’s work in the world, he hosts a podcast called Better People, Better Business that informs, inspires and challenges his clients and the wider world of business leadership to be and do BETTER.

In our conversation Andrew and I discuss:

  • What LEADERSHIP CAPACITY is and why I’m focusing on growing it
  • ‘Quiet Quitting’ as a return to healthy boundaries and avoidance of risk and conflict
  • How we have the place of work in our lives completely out of whack
  • The impact of COVID-induced ways of working on our lives and identities
  • Understanding the deeply human ‘crucible’ of the last three years
  • Authenticity, humanity, and responsibility as keys to emerging as a better Self
  • The opportunity to redesign life and work in a world created by us but not for us
  • TWO practical steps you can take to start growing your capacity for life, work and leadership; and
  • ONE big invitation that will open up a world of wonder and possibility for you.

If your wanting audio only, you can give us a jolly good listening to on the platform of your choice:


Be safe and well.

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