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Hester Cutts (Head of People Consulting), Evan Bateup (CPO), & Sophie Hart (DEI Lead)

In this edition of Pause for Thought, I talk with the team at KPMG NZ about their ‘Education First’ approach to normalising menopause in their workplace.

Our KPMG NZ Guest Panel:

HESTER CUTTS heads up KPMG NZ’s People Consulting team and is passionate about fair, equitable employee experiences and value propositions, with diverse and representative leadership models. With a career spanning over 20 years, Hester has a proven record of people leadership; quickly creating safe and trusting team cultures that enable all team members to grow, belong, collaborate and innovate.

EVAN BATEUP joined KPMG NZ in December 2021 as the firm’s Chief People Officer. Prior to joining KPMG, he held CPO and other senior HR roles at Vista Group, SKYCITY and AIA/Sovereign. Evan is passionate about leading cultural change, creating world-class people experiences, and championing inclusion and diversity.

SOPHIE HART (Ngāi Tahu) joined KPMG NZ in 2017 and is currently the Inclusion, Diversity and Equity lead. With a background in creative technologies and human-centred design, Sophie is passionate about ensuring people feel valued for their unique contributions and perspectives. She is dedicated to fostering inclusive environments that empower individuals to express themselves authentically and believes that a diverse and inclusive workplace is crucial for innovation, collaboration, and overall wellbeing.

In this ‘live on-line’ conversation Kate and the KPMG panel talk about:

  • Taking an ‘Education First’ rather than ‘Policy First’ approach
  • KPMG NZ’s Understanding Menopause Pathway
  • Making leading change personal with Hester’s ‘Operation Menopause’ web series
  • Where to next for KPMG NZ on their path to destigmatise menopause and more!

The above is followed by a Q&A with the panel for those that joined the conversation ‘live’.

To find out about future Pause for Thought conversations please join the Menopause @ Work (NZ) LinkedIn Community where we work to enrich, elevate and amplify the workplace conversation about peri/menopause/te ruahinetanga:

Be safe and well.

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