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Growing Your Leadership: practice makes progress

"Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice"

Practice…practice…practice! That’s how you grow your leadership and yourself.Whatever content you’re consuming, be that in-person development programmes, books, TED talks, YouTube videos, podcasts, on-line learning courses or even these newsletters…how are you putting it into PRACTICE?Turning content into knowledge is the simple bit.Taking that knowledge and turning it into growth and leadership impact is another.I recommend to all leaders I work with that they create a weekly Learning Space in their schedule: a weekly meeting with themselves to reconnect with any content and development experiences they’re wanting to bring to life in their day-to-day leadership practice.This article invites you to do the same.Learning Space is a 30-60 minute non-negotiable space in your diary dedicated to self-driven learning: a time and space where you read back through notes you’ve made whilst consuming content (those podcasts, courses, books, etc) to embed it in your memory and feel for new levels of understanding and opportunities for application based on your evolving context and experience.It’s an opportunity to reflect on the past week for where you’ve applied your learning IN PRACTICE and what you’ve experienced/noticed as a result:

  • What went well?
  • What was your part in that?
  • What was different as a result?
  • What was a bit tricky/challenging?
  • What are your insights from that?
  • What will you do differently?

And it’s a time to think about the week ahead from a ‘leadership identity’ perspective. Not just what I will DO but who I will BE. How will I SEE myself, others and the world in ways that support me to:

  1. build my leadership practice
  2. deepen my understanding of myself, others and the world
  3. create positive impact; and
  4. become more and more committed to my own growth and development?

Content consumption ISN’T development.

You have to put it into practice.Over and over and over again.So go ahead, find a space and pop that Learning Space in your diary right now.Leadership is a mastery game.You’re never done with becoming better!


Be safe and well.

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