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Grace Molloy – Founder & CEO of Menopause Friendly Australia

In this edition of Pause for Thought, I speak with Grace Molloy, the Founder & CEO of Menopause Friendly Australia (MFA): a first of its kind organisation for Australasia, leveraging market leading IP and demonstrated success in the UK to support employers across NZ and Australia to create menopause friendly workplaces.

Grace is a commercial health professional, Registered Nurse and ex-Big4 accountant who has worked alongside Australia’s pre-eminent medical researchers and global pharmaceutical and biotechnology innovators to advance medical breakthroughs through clinical trials. 

She is a member of the Australasian Menopause Society and the International Menopause Society and recently contributed to the first ever Menopause Roundtable in the Australian parliament. 

Grace brings 15+ years’ experience in commercial partnerships across industries including professional services, NFP, finance, sport and accounting. After completing a Masters of nursing and becoming a registered nurse, she turned her attention to medical research at Linear Clinical Research where her most recent role was Head of Strategy and Performance. After being invited to an internship with Brandon Capital, Grace became determined to contribute to the gap in evidence-based solutions for women’s health and menopause.

In our time together, Grace and I discuss:

  • Her personal peri/menopause journey
  • What led her to start up MFA this year (a joint venture with the successful Menopause Friendly Accreditation in the UK)
  • What’s involved in becoming a Menopause Friendly Accredited organisation
  • The statistics that support the case for including menopause as part of addressing gender equity in your organisation
  • The benefits of taking the accreditation path, rather than a DIY approach
  • What organisations need to think about when considering accreditation
  • The THREE main things women want in their workplaces to support their menopause transition; and
  • Her plans for supporting New Zealand organisations with accreditation in 2024.

PLUS we answer a range of questions from our audience.

REFERENCE SITES mentioned in our conversation:

  • Menopause Friendly Australia – https://menopausefriendly.au/
  • Work 180 – https://work180.com/en-us
  • The 30% Club – https://30percentclub.org/
  • Gender Tick – https://www.genderatworkcommunity.org.nz/gendertick
  • Psychosocial Safety Hazards – https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/safety-topic/managing-health-and-safety/mental-health/psychosocial-hazards
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Be safe and well.

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