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Becoming a Fire Starter – Veronique Briatore

Writing a menopause policy is one thing.

Making it safe to speak up at work is another.

In this episode of my PAUSE FOR THOUGHT web series I’m joined by Veronique Briatore (Vero) – Head of Business Development & Marketing with national law firm Anthony Harper – to share her experience of speaking up at work and becoming a ‘Fire Starter’ for the conversation about menopause in her organisation.

As with many women, Vero stumbled into perimenopause, flabbergasted to have never heard the terminology until it was underway. She decided there and then, she would do something about it to raise awareness so that other women would know about it before it hit them and not have to navigate the menopause maze alone.

Originally born and raised in St Tropez (France), Vero came to New Zealand over 18 years ago. Prior to joining Anthony Harper, Vero worked for well-known organisations such as PwC, Auckland International Airport, Beca and Russell McVeagh where she held different leadership roles that took her all over New Zealand, and to Australia and Singapore. Vero is now a proud Kiwi, complete with citizenship, who supports the All Blacks…even when they play against France!

In our Pause for Thought ‘live on-line’ conversation, Vero and I talk about:

  • Vero’s personal perimenopause experience
  • Why she’s choosing to share her story to help others
  • Speaking up at work and having ‘the conversation’ with her leader
  • What a difference six months makes and why she wouldn’t have spoken up in her previous role (even with a female manager)
  • How leaders can make it safe to speak up about peri/menopause at work; and
  • What individuals can do if they feel inspired to be ‘Fire Starters’ and start the conversation in their own organisation.

To find out about future Pause for Thought conversations please join the Menopause @ Work (NZ) LinkedIn Community where we work to enrich, elevate and amplify the workplace conversation about peri/menopause/te ruahinetanga:

Be safe and well.

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