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Sarah Connor – Menopause Advocate, Speaker & Founder of Menopause Over Martinis

In this episode of Pause for Thought, I’m joined by the fabulous Sarah Connor, one of New Zealand’s leading speakers on menopause and Founder of the grassroots Menopause Over Martinis* movement.
As a guest speaker and advocate Sarah facilitates conversations about menopause/ruahinetanga all over Aotearoa. She’s shared her lived experience and knowledge with 30+ organisations, associations and networks including Air New Zealand; Xero, Sharesies; the New Zealand Defence Force; the University of Canterbury; Inland Revenue; and various city councils. As a writer, she creates content and copy to enlighten, empower, or inspire positive change.On World Menopause Day 2020, she launched Menopause Over Martinis* – an invitation to talk about menopause over dinner (*the martinis were/are obviously optional). This grassroots project has since grown into a movement to make menopause less taboo in homes, workplaces, and communities across New Zealand.
In our conversation Sarah and I talk about:
  • Sarah’s personal peri/menopause journey
  • The ‘origin story’ behind her grassroots movement
  • Moving from dinner table conversations to corporate speaking and citywide billboards
  • Her insights from two and a half years of facilitating workplace menopause conversations; and
  • Her recommendations for getting the conversation going in the YOUR workplace
  • PLUS we have a live Q&A with those on the call.

To find out about future Pause for Thought conversations please join the Menopause @ Work (NZ) LinkedIn Community where we work to enrich, elevate and amplify the workplace conversation about peri/menopause/te ruahinetanga:

Be safe and well.

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