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This Changes Everything: the honest guide to menopause and perimenopause

Niki Bezzant is a multi-award-winning writer, speaker, thinker and commentator. She’s built a reputation for translating complex science into simple, accessible messages everyone can understand.

Niki has been involved in the NZ media industry for over 20 years. She founded the website for Cuisine magazine and was that title’s first web editor. As founding editor of Healthy Food Guide magazine, she took the title from an independent start-up to New Zealand’s top-selling food magazine, a position it held for over a decade. As editor (a role she held for 12 years) she was awarded the Supreme Editor of the Year award in the NZ Magazine Awards 2010.

Her current work includes a role as editor of Thrive magazine and health editor of Woman magazine. She writes for a wide range of outlets as well as corporate clients including Les Mills International; The Healthier Lives National Science Challenges and 5 Plus a Day.

Niki’s third book, This Changes Everything, was released by Penguin Random House in January 2022. If you’ve ever wondered what the f*ck is going on and what’s going to happen next, then this is the book for you!

Two years in the making, This Changes Everything is an engaging, easy-to-read book full of research and advice along with personal stories from real women. Niki dispels the myths and confusion around menopause and explains how to get the best help, for you. This Changes Everything is a must-have guide to menopause and beyond – the symptoms, the solutions and the stuff that really works.

Niki joined Kate for a conversation about the journey of discovery that was the two years of research and writing her latest book This Changes Everything:

  • How did Niki come to set off on this journey?
  • What have been her most flabbergasting or fury-making discoveries whilst researching the book?
  • What are the most common misconceptions she’s found about menopause? and
  • What’s her advice for individuals and organisations wanting to do more about raising awareness and supporting people going through peri/menopause?

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Be safe and well.

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