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Podcast Interview: Learning How to Suffer Better through Vulnerability

The Vulnerability Effect Podcast is the brainchild of Lotty Roberts, a Wellington-based emotional culture, mindfulness, and resilience specialist. For the podcast, Lotty interviews people about their experiences facing vulnerability and adversity. The intention of these conversations is to change the perception of vulnerability and showcase it as a point of growth, strength, and connection with others who have faced similar challenges.

In ‘Learning How to Suffer Better Through Vulnerability’ Lotty and I talk about my personal and professional experiences with vulnerability and the lessons I’ve learned as a result about how vulnerability is a source of personal power, authenticity, and freedom.

In this wide-ranging conversation we cover a lot of ground: from toxic positivity to rebranding ‘midlife crisis’ as ‘midlife awakening’, from the importance peri/menopause (and how it signifies so much beyond the end of reproductive life!) to the value of creating space, tattoos as self-expression, and much MUCH more!

Here’s some unsolicited feedback about our episode:

“A couple of weeks ago I listened to the podcast you did on vulnerability – you made me reinvigorated for the work I do and the endless opportunity I have to just be me and traverse through this human experience.  Thank you Kate, I so sorely needed your medicine that day!”

“Thanks for your podcast with Lotty. Absolutely brilliant perspectives that you bring to the space of vulnerability and leadership. I just love that you are always reading, pouring over the latest research and synthesizing it for those of us who don’t have the time or inclination (like me!), but are keen to learn and grow!”

I hope that whet your appetite for creating a bit of space in which to give us a jolly good listening-to.

Make a meeting with yourself and listen to the full conversation HERE (1h 20 min listen)

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