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Julie Stafford, Wellbeing Lead – STARTING OUR MENOPAUSE MOVEMENT

In this episode of Pause for Thought, your host Kate Billing sits down with Julie (Jules) Stafford, the Operations & HR Manager for the Faculty of Engineering at University of Canterbury (UC) where she has worked for over 18 years.

With more than 20 years experience as an HR Business Partner, Jules emigrated to Christchurch from Newcastle in the UK in 1995 and has a Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership from UC and a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. She lives with her partner, 5 cats and 3 horses on a small lifestyle block of the edge of Christchurch.

In this conversation, Jules and Kate (Executive Development Director at Blacksmith, Founder of katebilling.com and Community Founder of Menopause@Work NZ) talk about:

  • Julie’s lived experience of menopause
  • What inspired her to start a ‘menopause movement’ at the University of Canterbury
  • How it started and how it’s going
  • The challenges she’s found along the way; and 
  • Her top tips for those starting their own workplace menopause movement


PLUS we answer a range of questions from our audience.


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Be safe and well.

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