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10 Ways to Unlock the Power of Self-talk

I love being a guest on other people’s podcasts. It’s always such a joy rubbing brains with other motivated, inspiring, and hard-working people who share my passion for making our world a better workplace and forging better leaders.

One of those people is Success and Mindset Coach Tash Pieterse. Tash works with courageous professionals to empower them to become the best version of themselves, so they can confidently lead their lives and careers with success.

Along with offering coaching and development programmes, Tash publishes a podcast called ‘Lead with Less’ designed to help confident professionals move through overwhelm, burnout and self-doubt by sharing actionable strategies and practical steps that can have an immediate impact. It’s a mix of solo sessions with Tash and interviews with guests.

I had the great pleasure of being her guest in November 2023 to talk about The Power and Impact of Self-Talk.

Recently, Tash took the time to turn our conversation into a selection of TEN TOP TAKEAWAYS so listeners can turn content into inspired actions that will help them go further in their careers, and be impactful and empowering leaders. I thought they might be of interest to you too:

1. Embrace your human complexity
Understand that embracing the full range of your emotions and behaviours is one of the biggest keys to authentic leadership and personal fulfilment.

2. Use your self-talk positively
Your self-talk can either support or block you. Actively shape your experience and reality by shifting negative self-talk into a helpful and supportive one.

3. Break free from self-sabotage
Identify and change patterns that stop you from growing and changing that is leading to an unhealthy relationship with yourself.

4. Childhood impact on self-perception
Reflect on how your early environment shaped your current self-talk, and consciously choose which voices you take forward with you. You couldn’t control it then, but you can choose to change it now.

5. Leadership starts with the relationship with yourself
You will best lead others more effectively by first managing your internal self-talk; the way you talk to yourself influences how you lead your team.

6. Manage stress through self-talk
Learn to recognise and reframe your internal conversations to reduce anxiety and support your well-being. How you talk to yourself influences how you feel about yourself and things around you.

7. Writing for insight and support
Regularly writing down your thoughts can provide profound insights into your subconscious, helping to realign your self-talk. The more you write, the more space you create in your internal conversations.

8. Control your digital relationship
Be mindful of how your relationship with the digital world is impacting your self-talk and make conscious choices to disconnect and reflect. Make sure it’s serving you.

9. Align self-talk with career goals
Pay attention to how your inner talk helps or hinders your goals. Intentionally direct your self-talk to support your goals and values.

10. Simple self-talk support strategies
Simple practices like mindfulness and intentional journaling can have a huge benefit to your self-talk. Small daily actions can improve your wellbeing, relationships, and leadership.


If you’d like to give our full conversation a listen you can do that here


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